If you have Slim Wallet Syndrome …“got time?”

19 12 2008

Whether you are out of work or if you have a job, we’ve all trimmed spending either voluntarily or by necessity.

The unfortunate result is that vital charities are very short of funds at a time when there’s a rapid increase in need for their services, especially this Christmas season.


“got time?”

A gift of your time (and talent) is a great solution when you don’t have the ability to write a check! Or if you can write a check, it’s even more rewarding to be a hands-on volunteer for that charity, too.

If you can bring friends and family with you, it makes it more fun and a special way to share time together…and it’s an excellent way to teach your kids about giving. You can pitch in to help with Christmas meals and gift delivery, or to visit the sick and elderly.

It’s not too late to find some good organization that can use your help for Christmas. And I’m sure there will be plenty of need in the New Year as well.

The KIT List folks already have shown their generous spirit of volunteering:

  • When Hurricane Katrina hit, some friends and I started a relief effort in the Bay Area to help evacuees. I sent out an email to the KIT List and many people pitched in to help get over 2,000 boxes of clothing and supplies sorted, packed and delivered to Katrina victims. It was terrific to meet other KIT folks in person and see their commitment to help, even when they were out of work themselves.
  • Challenge Learning Center which helps at-risk teens become leaders, needed volunteers to help with their annual fundraising event a few years ago. KIT List people stepped forward – not only that year, but again the following year. Sadly, CLC just became a victim of this economy. It closed its doors after 17 years of service helping over 39,000 teens in the Bay Area.
  • Taproot Foundation which posts non-profit jobs on the KIT List has told us, “We’ve gotten so many great professionals in the door to do pro bono work through the site!”

There are unexpected benefits to helping out:

  • If you’re out of work, it’s a good way to get out of the house!
  • You never know whom you’ll meet. The person bagging groceries next to you for Adopt-A-Family might be someone who will have job lead for you or can refer you into their company.
  • You can contribute your special talents and skills – and develop new ones.
  • It puts your own problems into perspective when you see what others endure.
  • There is a multiplier effect a generous act. Also, it somehow attracts positive things back to you.
  • And it just feels good!

Share your ideas on what people can do!

Please post a comment with a recommended charity or volunteer activity. It will be an excellent way to connect good people to a worthy cause.

Thank you all!



One response

20 12 2008
Christina Cary

Career Closet collects office-worthy professional women’s clothing and helps dress women who are just entering the workplace after job training or coming off public assistance. Many times these women are too poor even to buy new underwear and badly need decent clothing to wear to their new jobs. Looking professional really boosts their confidence at a critical time. Here’s the Web page describing how you can help:


Donating your good “gently used” professional clothing to Career Closet is a good way to clean out your closet, get a tax credit, and help other women succeed. (Please, no hot pants or see-through tops!) Career Closet also needs money, of course, and volunteers to work with their clients. See their Web site for where and how to donate.


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