Forbes’ Pick of the Best Career Web Sites

30 08 2014

Hello Everyone,

I just ran across this great list this morning. I think Forbes will likely update it next month, but I suspect the majority of those on this list will remain!

Since there’s no time like the present to learn about smarter ways to conduct a successful job search, I wanted to share this with you now.

The list of 100 resources may seem daunting…but if you just incorporate ONE change, that may prove to be the tipping point in your career!

I encourage you to make a commitment to try just one thing today. Here’s the link to the Forbes list:

Here’s to your finding a job you’ll love,


“How to Get the Job When You Don’t Have the Experience” on LinkedIn

18 08 2014

Hello Everyone,

I saw this great article on my LinkedIn feed last week, and James Citrin makes some really good points on what to do if you are a recent graduate — or an experienced professional who wants to pursue new a career direction or go after your passion.

Now, I encourage you to go out and GO FOR IT and find a job you’ll love!




How to Get the Job When You Don’t Have the Experience
By James Citrin (posted on LinkedIn)


“The Permission Paradox” – You can’t get the job without the experience but you can’t get the experience without the job – is one of the great career Catch-22s. This challenge will confront you over the lifetime of your career, whether you’re trying to break into the work force or you’re to become a CEO for the first time. While the phenomenon can be frustrating no matter what your level, the Permission Paradox is especially challenging for today’s aspiring young professional and recent graduates.

Overcoming this conundrum is fundamental both to launching your career successfully and thriving over the long term. You are confident in your abilities if only you’re given the chance. The hard part is getting the shot to show what you can do.

Go to the full article to get the Five Permission Strategies:


Watch KIT TV: “Tips and Traps for Job Networking”

6 02 2012

 ImageHello Everyone,

Take a look at the second KIT List “Get That Job!” TV show. Now that it has aired locally, it’s now available on YouTube at

Please share this with your friends, too, since we’re doing this series to not only help you and our KIT List community, but to help all job seekers be more effective in their search.

In our monthly shows, you’ll hear directly from the experts on smart job search and career management strategies – as well as the common mistakes to avoid!

This show is focused on successful job networking, or what I prefer to call “Friend-working.”

Friend-working is a more positive way to approach networking and turns what can be a scary process into one where you to help others first, which also ends up helping you in a more natural and enjoyable way!

We’re fortunate to have two outstanding guests, Hamid Sadaat, founder of CSIX Connect and Tom Brouchoud, Senior Manager of Global Talent Aquisition at Sandisk. I know many of you have benefited from Hamid’s generosity through his excellent networking organization, CSIX Connect. Hamid and Tom are long-time friends and they bring great perspectives and humor.

You can also view the first KIT List TV show at:

That show has smart tips on interviewing, resumes and cover letters, among other topics. This note on YouTube is exactly the reason why we’re doing this series!

“Awesome, helpful, useful information you, Christine, and John provided. After viewing your video, “Get That Job…Job Hunting Tips Part One,” I modified my resume and cover letter, and, well, 4 weeks letter, received a job offer that best meets my qualifications and needs, plus most importantly, that I am passionate about. Many thanks!!!! So excited to start 2012 gainfully employed with a fantastic company. Thank you!”

Feel free to share these shows with anyone who is looking for a job, and stay tuned for the upcoming shows.