KIT List honored with Jefferson Award. Here are the TV and radio times for the segment this week.

26 07 2010

Hello Everyone,

We are touched and honored that the KIT List has won the Jefferson Award for community service.  I am grateful to Tresa Eyres, who nominated us, for her thoughtfulness and advocacy.

The Jefferson Award was created in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft Jr. and Sam Beard to encourage public service by recognizing people on a national and community level to inspire others to take action.

The true power of the KIT List is the spirit of people helping each other, and this award is really for everyone who has worked to help friends, colleagues or complete strangers find great jobs!

The segment will air this Wednesday, July 28, on our local CBS station in San Francisco on TV, radio and their website:

TV:       KPIX Channel 5 (San Francisco Bay Area)

Wednesday, 7/28:             6:00 p.m.             Eyewitness News
Thursday, 7/29:               12:00 p.m.           Eyewitness News at Noon
Saturday, 7/31:                 8:00 a.m.             CBS 5 Early Editions mornings (times vary, check listings)

RADIO:      KCBS 740 AM and FM 106.9
Wednesday 7/28:            6:50 p.m., 9:40 p.m., 11:50 p.m.
Sunday 8/1:                     11:50 a.m., 3:50 p.m.     

After the first air date, it will be up on

The segment will share the KIT List story, and how it started with my “Keep In Touch” email list of friends at Silicon Graphics. When I tried to help friends who were getting laid off from SGI, it rapidly morphed into a job opportunities list.  It grew to over 68,000 people just by word-of-mouth. The reason why this list has maintained its quality over the years is because great people tell other great people!

You’ll also be able to see our wonderful Amy Sloniker Plunkett and Kelly Connelly (my sister!) who dedicate their time and talent as KIT List moderators.

This award belongs to ALL of you, and I want to thank you for what you’ve done as a part of this community to help others find work they can love.

THIS is the way we turn this economy and get talented people back to making a difference again!



Take the survey on the “Pay It Forward” push to help friends find jobs

21 07 2010

Hello Everyone,

I want to send my heartfelt thanks to all of you who participated in the big “Pay It Forward” effort of friends helping friends find jobs that began in January.

I’m asking you now to complete this survey as an important way to measure and share the impact of your efforts to help others. We’ve provided comments boxes so you to share stories with the rest of the KIT List community.

Please take a few minutes to take this survey:

So many of you sent emails directly to me of the stories about what you did to help friends and the results. I’ve been touched and awed by the great work you all did.

This survey is the best way to share this with our whole community — and to encourage everyone after seeing that their efforts really worked!

Please forward:

I would also appreciate it if you would forward this to anyone you asked to join in the Pay It Forward wave so that we can collect the results from the ripple effect as more people joined in on the effort.

I’ll post the responses to this survey on the KIT List blog at, or you can link to the blog from the KIT List home page at

Many thanks to all of you who participated in the Pay It Forward push, and now let’s find out what resulted!