Kick Off the Year Right! Create Your Life Planning List

8 01 2014

Hello Everyone,

I’m sharing this post with a smart tool for getting your goals set — which is a great way to start this new year! Jennifer LeBlanc is a friend and talented coach, and she’s given me permission to share this post and her “Life Zones” tool with our KIT List community.

Here’s Jenn’s blog post:

I am a list addict. I write lists for everything:

• Yearly planning lists
• Weekly priorities
• My team’s priorities/client needs this week
• Groceries and meal plans
• How to launch a company successfully
• Weekend tasks
• People I want to connect with professionally
• And so on … .

So it is no surprise that part of my retreat process includes a list. Every retreat I go on, I review my “Life Zones” list to make sure that I am not missing anything.

Here is a very simple exercise you can do any time you feel the need for a life check in, such as:

• The new year is a natural time for this work.

• The beginning of spring always seems like a good time to do some internal housecleaning as well.

• On your birthday, another natural time of reflection.

• In September, the beginning of the new school year (whether you are in school or not, it’s a time of new beginnings).

• The beginning of each new quarter is fitting.

• Any time there is a major change or shift in your life.

For each of the life zones, write down your answers to three simple questions:
1. Where am I now?
2. Where do I want to be?
3. By when?

Life Zones:
• Family/Home Life
• Finances
• Career/Business
• Personal Character
• Relationships
• Leisure Time
• Self Care
• Learning
• Legal

Take 30 minutes to write out your answers to each of these simple questions for each life zone and you will quickly have your 2014 plan created…if not a full life plan!

About the Author:

Jenn LeBlanc is the CEO and Founder of ThinkResults Marketing and also runs ThinkResults Coaching for high-performance executives and entrepreneurs. Jenn offers a complementary 30-minute Coaching Call, or you can participate in her 2014 Breakthroughs Retreat at Costanoa Lodge on the California coast later this month.