Would you take a moment to help our Veterans?

13 11 2011

Hello Everyone,

I just finished watching the Veteran’s Day TV fundraiser for our veterans on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” which I recorded on 11/11/11.

I was moved by the many heroes who are regular people who stood up with courage and put their lives and limbs on the line for us. Many have come home with devastating injuries.

I feel compelled to share this with our generous KIT List community so you each can help some excellent non-profits that are making a real difference for our well-deserving veterans who need us to return the favor they’ve done for us.

47,000 have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 40,000 soldiers are coming home in the next two months. They and their families have paid a huge price for us, and let’s show them that we are willing to thank them in a practical way.

Please take a moment to donate whatever you can, whether small or large, via a special web site that has been set up to get funds to important charities that are providing vital services to our veterans and their families including health care, housing, rehabilitation, mental health treatment, and job placement.

Just go to www.RiseAndHonor.org

The funds go to:
– Fisher House Foundation
– Hire Heroes USA
– Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
– United Service Organizations (USO)
– Volunteers of America
– Welcome Back Veterans

The special will be aired again on ABC on December 4th or you can view it now at http://budurl.com/RiseAndHonor

My Dad, who passed away last December, always asked veterans he met about their war stories. He was proud to have served our country in World War II, and sometimes these men had never even told their own families what they experienced at war.

The spirit of the KIT List (Keep in Touch) and friends helping friends is a direct result of my Dad’s simple example. I wrote a blog post, just before he died, about how he was the inspiration behind the KIT List at http://budurl.com/KITinspire.

We are losing the heroes from WWII on a daily basis, yet they’d say they were the lucky ones who made it back to start families and grow our country. These men and women would just humbly say that they just did what was needed, and the same goes for the veterans of every generation afterward.

Some came back stronger people than they were when they left home, while others came back with physical injuries or mental traumas. There are 75,000 veterans that are homeless today.

Please take a moment to say thank you in a more profound way by donating through Rise and Honor.

Thank you all!