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Your KIT List moderators: Amy Plunkett, Sue Connelly and Kelly Connelly (yes, Sue and Kelly are sisters!)


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The KIT (Keep in Touch) List is a job posting service where employers and recruiters advertise permanent or contract job opportunities to a unique community of over 71,000 high-quality professionals in the Silicon Valley,
greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


For Employers and Recruiters:

  • The KIT List is a fast and effective way to reach prospective employees, contractors and consultants for technical and non-tech jobs in a wide range of fields.
  • Called “the recruiter’s secret weapon,” your jobs are delivered directly to job seekers’ email inboxes and promoted on Twitter.
  • Since KIT List members are referred by friends or colleagues, the list has a high standard of excellence of job candidates.

For Job Seekers and Contractors:

  • The KIT List is the ONLY place to see certain job postings!
  • Whether you’re actively looking for permanent or consulting work…or you just want to get a pulse on the market…the KIT List provides a daily stream of job opportunities directly to you to your email inbox.

5 responses

16 09 2021

I remember I joined this group when it was a yahoo group. I’m glad it’s still thriving!


1 08 2020

I’ve had the same issue, and I tried to follow the instructions to change email preferences so I could simply view jobs on the website but I was unsuccessful with that approach as well.


1 08 2020
Sue Connelly

Hi Kris,

Due to the changes that Yahoo Groups made on December, we can only send job emails out, and there is no way to view the previous jobs on the Yahoo Groups KIT List page. It’s been a big problem for all Groups moderators.

We’ve been looking into other platforms but have not found another that wouldn’t be cost prohibitive due to the size of our community (over 71,000). Thanksgiving for bearing with us as we try to find a better solution!

– Sue and Kelly (KIT List Moderators)


13 06 2020
Nancy Valaske

I used to get a lot of posted jobs before the yahoo change in group lists. Now I only see one or two a month. Not sure what happened. I’m looking for marketing contracting positions, not tech. Should I unsubscribe and subscribe again? Do you have any advice?


1 08 2020
Sue Connelly

Hi Nancy,

If you’re subscribed to the regular KIT List (not the KIT-Tech list) you’re in the right place for marketing jobs. The jobs have dropped since COVID, but we are committed to sharing the jobs we get from our friends, employers and recruiters. Now, more than ever, it’s the power of friends helping friends that will get everyone back to work again!

Sue and Kelly (KIT List moderators…and sisters!)


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