The new KIT List Blog: Tapping into the strength of our KIT List community to help each other

27 11 2008

Hello Everyone,

When I started the KIT List to “Keep In Touch” with my friends from Silicon Graphics, I had no idea what I was getting into – and that it would turn into a job list of 58,000 people! And it all grew simply by word-of-mouth, where friends told friends about a way to find great jobs.

But the real story of the KIT List is the incredible power of people helping each other.

With the stormy times we are facing with the economy, I’m even more convinced that the way we’ll see our way through this is by each of us pitching in together.

I don’t think a government bailout, or some international consortium can do enough. It’ll take each of us acting on an individual level, and as communities looking out for each other. That’s why I’ve kept the KIT List going.

I firmly believe that the efforts we each make on behalf of our friends, family and absolute strangers is what will really transform this economy while bringing out what is the best about us; compassion, innovation and action.

In that spirit, we’re launching the KIT List blog to:

  1. Provide a way for KIT List people to share ideas and give feedback on key topics, trends and issues regarding job searching
  2. Help relieve the isolation and loneliness of the job search process
  3. Tap into the “brain trust” of the talent within our community to share tips and expert advice
  4. Make the KIT List more personal so you feel you’re are part of a close and vibrant community

Stay tuned for upcoming “From Sue” emails where I’ll be keeping you in the loop on the blog and other ideas and tools we’ll be using to harness the power of this amazing community to help each other.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sue Connelly

KIT List Founder