Reasons to keep the job search up during the holidays

11 12 2008

I’d like to share some great advice that came from KIT List folks who commented on our first KIT List blog (thank you, everyone!).

Their messages are to encourage you all to keep your job search efforts going strong during the holiday season.


This is a perfect time to be “the early bird” while other job seekers are taking time off. Many companies will be ramping up their efforts in the New Year. Get on their radar screen now. The early bird gets the job!

Here are some great comments from the blog:

“For the rest of you out there: don’t fall into `holiday malaise’ and stop looking during the last few business weeks of the year because `no one hires in Q4′.” – Frank Hoeflich

“Conventional wisdom says that the holidays are a tough time to look for a job – I disagree. It is often busy for both recruiters and job hunters because of that end of the year push – trying to get critical positions filled before a budget ends or to be ready to start 2009 with a full team. While this year has the added challenge of the economy, we all need to keep focused on finding that next great job.” – Deb McClanahan  (

In a phone call today with Mike Manoske from Yoh Search (, he added these points:

  • “Out the front door. In the back door.” Even when a company is having layoffs, they are still hiring for jobs that are important to their business.
  • Companies are putting together budgets for next year, so they’re getting ready to hire.
  • Many companies are in the final phases of product development with a Q1 release. They’re going to need help to launch and support their products.
  • Use this time to get current in new technologies if you’ve gotten out of touch. That will make you more marketable.

A few more thoughts:

  • Grab coffee or something stronger (hey, it’s the holidays!) with a friend or two, especially during the slow time during Christmas and New Years. Catch up and let them know about the kind of job you want.
  • You never know whom you might meet at a party or event. Let them know about the kind of work you are seeking. Keep it upbeat and positive…and brief! But it’s very important to come with an attitude of giving instead of taking, and be sure to focus on what you can do for them.
  • Be open to consulting work since I’m hearing a lot that companies that will first hire contract help before committing to permanent staff. As a consultant myself, I highly recommend the consulting life!

If anyone else has other tips to share, please add it in the comments section for this blog. This way, we’ll all benefit from the great ideas.

Keep up the good work during the last few weeks of the year. Grab a Christmas cookie and pick up the phone!




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7 01 2009

Great insight, Sue. The early bird comment is on the money.

I Stumbled it for you:


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