A Christmas Wish for You

25 12 2013

Hello Everyone,

Kelly, Amy and I want to send you our warmest Christmas greetings — and that you each are surrounded by loving friends and family during this holiday season.
For our Jewish friends, it must have been a treat to celebrate both Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah on the same night!

In our KIT List community of over 71,000, the past year has been filled with welcoming new babies, saying farewell to loved ones (Kelly’s and my Mom passed just a little over a year ago, following our Dad’s death a year and a half before), many of you have left old jobs to find great new ones, and life has presented the crazy, challenging and wonderful mix of the ups and downs of being on this Earth.

I hope that you’ve had the encouragement of friends and family during the tough times — and that they’ve been able to celebrate the good times with you as well.

I hope that for any of you who may be having a hard time, especially during the holidays, that you are not alone. If you can reach out to others and let them help you, you might be really surprised to know the support that’s just waiting for you. I have to admit that my prayer life gets better when things are challenging!

Most importantly, when things look particularly grim, to just hang in there because things invariably get surprisingly…and often dramatically…better. You just never know when something wonderful is just around the corner. This has been reinforced by the many stories I’ve heard from KIT List folks, what I’ve seen friends encounter, plus my own life experiences.

Our wish for you is that the year ahead surpasses all of your expectations. That it is filled with giving of yourself in new and unexpected ways, and that you are blessed with joy, excellent health, many people you love — and work that you truly enjoy!

May the hope and promise of Christmas be fulfilled in many remarkable ways in your life in this new year.

God bless you!

Sue and Kelly Connelly
Amy Sloniker Plunkett