Hope and a Future

24 12 2008

In this special season, when people the world around celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, it brings to mind the powerful message of Starhope.

On that quiet night in Bethlehem, born into poverty in a land under foreign domination, a tiny infant was the fulfillment of a promise of a Father to His people. For those of us who share the Christian faith, this humble beginning was the spark that lighted hope in millions of hearts and changed the world. 

For our friends who celebrate Hanukkah, this is a treasured symbol of hope and courage. With the miracle of the one day’s worth of olive oil keeping the light of the Temple burning for eight days during turbulent times, this is a vital message of light against the darkness. 

Even the ancient cultures knew the power of hope to combat the ills of the world. We all know the Greek myth about Pandora’s Box. Despite being warned not to open a special box (or jar), Pandora’s curiosity won out and she opened it. Immediately, out flew all of the evils and diseases that plague our world. She quickly slammed down the cover, but it was too late. But what many of us don’t know is that the last thing that flew out was — hope!

Times look severe right now, but we’ve faced worse before – and emerged stronger and better as a result. In the course of human history, it is hope, combined with action, that overcame the ills and tribulations of each time.

Whenever I get worried and stressed about the economy and how it has impacted us all, I try to get my mind on a different track, focusing on what I can do, and turning fear into action. Also, we’ve seen throughout history, many examples of when hope, courage, and personal action have changed the tide of history.

Let’s cherish this special time with our friends and loved ones, and take a break from the worries of this economy and allow the message of hope from this season to lighten our spirits and give us renewed energy in the New Year.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



One response

24 12 2008
MB Deans, Douglas Partners

Great message, Sue!

If there’s anything I can add, it’s turn off the bad news on TV and think about all the opportunities that will abound in 2009. I’m a contrarian: I think a downturn is a great time to reinvent yourself whether that’s finding a new job, changing careers, or starting a business. If a rising tide floats all boats, why not find the yacht you’d like to be sailing now?

Happy holidays!!


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