Thank you for the kind emails about my Dad and Merry Christmas

24 12 2010

To our wonderful friends in the KIT List Community,

Words can’t express how much my family and I appreciate the beautiful emails so many of you sent after hearing that we lost my Dad on the 9th, who was really the model and inspiration for the “Keep In Touch” KIT List. The blog I wrote in November explains why. It’s at

Sue's Nativity Scene

My Nativity scene at home

My sister, Kelly, who moderates the KIT List with Amy Plunkett and me, and I read the emails to my Mom and the rest of our family.

We were touched by the stories you shared about losing your own parents, or facing difficult situations of your own with grace and courage. The outpouring of support felt like a warm blanket as we rushed to make the arrangements for his Memorial Mass and celebration of his life. Although he will be sorely missed by our family, the hope of being together again forever alleviates this temporary parting.

I am trying to reply directly to each of the emails, but the flurry of activity to make arrangements for my Dad, I know I will miss a few of you. Please accept this email as our heartfelt thanks for your support and kindness.

I want to wish you all a very special Christmas with those you love, and that this new year will be filled with joy, abundance, great jobs and much happiness. I have an even greater appreciation for friends and family after these recent weeks, and aren’t they one of the most important gifts after all?

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas,

Sue and Kelly Connelly



2 responses

27 12 2010
Ruth Rooney

Our deepest sympathy and wishes for peace and comfort. I’m sorry we didn’t know sooner, we were traveling the first part of December. Sending loving thoughts. Ruth and Bill Rooney


26 12 2010
Joy Montgomery

They are the most important gift of all. Them memories last forever.


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