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6 09 2016

Hi Everyone,

With the recent purchase of Yahoo by Verizon, I created a Facebook page for KIT List job posts so we have a sure way to get jobs out.


As you may already know, we depend on Yahoo Groups to send out the KIT List job emails out free. I’m trying to find other mail solutions (any recommendations are welcome!), but due to our email volume, we’re WAY over the free limits for all of the email platforms I’ve been researching. With over 72,000 people in our KIT List community, we send out over 62 million emails a year.

I do this as a community service, along with the very important moderator help from my sister, Kelly, and longtime friend, Amy Plunkett. We all have our “real” jobs and do this in our spare time.

The new Facebook page will allow us another way to reach all of you, to feature a job post per day (we don’t have a way to automate it yet to send out ALL jobs yet, so we will feature some jobs in thr meantime), and to send out other important messages.

Please “Follow” or “Like” our new page, and we appreciate your sharing job posts so we can help more people find a great job.

As always, new people can join the KIT List and receive job postings by email by going to

NOTE: I just set the date for the next KIT List “FriendWorking” Job Networking Event for Monday, 10/3 at 6:00 PM at The Patio in Palo Alto.

You can RSVP via the MeetUp invitation at:

Thank you for being an important part of our KIT List community and I look forward to seeing you on 10/3!

– Sue



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