Recent quakes a reminder to update your Earthquake Kits

18 03 2011

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I’m so impressed by the response from many of you in this generous KIT community to the Red Cross donation email for Japan!

Please see the comment from the Silicon Valley Red Cross ( on other ways to help. The director also mentioned that we have local needs that the Red Cross helps. 

On that note, since many of us live in earthquake territory, and with so much activity around the Pacific recently, this is a good time for us to look at our own earthquake preparedness. 

For those of us who have supplies, I know mine are expired, so it’s prudent  get fresh water and packaged food. Older water can be kept for washing needs. Consider buying extra supplies to share with neighbors. 

For those who haven’t got an earhquake kit yet, a quick trip to Target can do the trick. Buy large plastic containers, get basic camping gear, some tools, blankets, rain gear, food and most importantly, water. Many sites have great lists, but these suggestions are just a start. 

My philosophy is similar to carrying an umbrella so it doesn’t rain. Let’s get our kits updated and we won’t have earthquakes. 😉

If you have comments or suggestions please post them to this blog so others can benefit. Thanks!



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19 03 2011
Ron Pepperman

Hi, Sue,
I appreciate the opportunities your site provides. Below is an opportunity that you may wish to use in helping those with concerns about their own preparedness. Please view the video at the link below. The fulfillment warehouse still has several hundred of the kits left after Costco finished with selling them. Not enough for Costco to advertise again, but sufficient for many of those who feel a need for more or better supplies.

If you feel it is appropriate, please pass on the video and contact information.

Email Shane at
The kits are $139.99 plus $10 for shipping.

Hope this will be beneficial.
Thanks again for all you do in helping others.


18 03 2011
Pamela Ferguson

Hi Sue,

Responded to your post regarding donating to the Red Cross – thanks for doing that! Also just saw your note encouraging folks to be prepared for their own emergency.

For those of us living in the Bay Area, this is even more critical I just came across the following email describing certain lunar and tidal conditions that will occur this very weekend. Important to read and prepare just in case.


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