Sue on 90.3 FM tonight at 7:30 sharing the KIT story and life lessons

30 11 2010

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a radio program tonight where I will talk about the KIT List and share the life lessons the great people on our list have taught me — and how I now view adversity, or what I call “the bumps in the road,” in a different way. 

You can tune in tonight at 7:30 p.m. on 90.3 FM.

If you’re outside the San Francisco Bay Area, you can go to the program’s site at and click “Listen Now.”

The radio program is hosted by Tresa Eyres and Janet Gallin. Tresa was responsible for the KIT List getting the Jefferson Award for community service when she nominated us. We were featured on CBS 5 and KCBS this July. 

Tresa and Janet’s mission through their Love Letters Live radio program, blog and workshops ( is to help all walks of people communicate important messages via a well-worded letter. They’ve helped people write especially difficult or meaningful letters such as to lost family members, adoptive children to their biological mothers, people who have been pivotal in someone’s life, or to a person who was key in someone’s career. Their mission is to change the world, one letter at a time. 

In our fast-paced world of technology and distractions, the art of communication has been lost. Tresa and Janet help people commit important messages to paper, which then can bring new breakthroughs or convey vital messages that change lives.  

My letter is to a woman on the KIT List who emailed me years ago, when I was struggling with the workload alone and didn’t think I could keep it going. I was thinking of ending the KIT List. 

She wrote that her husband was dying of cancer, she was the sole breadwinner with three children, and that she was out of work. She wanted to tell me that she appreciated the KIT List. I realized that while I was having my own challenges, that they paled in comparison to what this courageous woman was facing, and that has been my motivator many times to keep the KIT List going. 

I have tried many times over the years to find that woman, since I want to know how she and her family are doing, and if her husband was able to beat the cancer. 

I’m hoping that somehow through tonight’s radio program, or through someone on the KIT List, that I’ll be able to connect with her and let her know how important her email was to me during a tough time, and to hear how her family is faring. Serendipity works that way!

Tune into tonight’s program and see if Tresa and Janet can inspire you to write that important letter you always meant to write!

Take care,




2 responses

1 12 2010
mary stivender

Sue, how can I listen to it afterward? Got a link?


22 02 2013

Have you got the link from Sue yet?
I like to listen to it also


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