Day 5 of 5: The Pay It Forward Wave helping friends get back to work

15 01 2010

 Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for the energy, selflessness and tremendous support of this idea of gathering the power of friends into a huge wave of action to help friends find jobs.

I am deeply impressed by the responses and the willingness of so many to help another. It’s that quality of the human spirit that will overcome this economy or any adversity that hits us. I’ve seen these hard times bring out the best in us. A recent Allstate commercial says it all, “Will we look back on this as The Great Recession, or The Recession That Made Us Great?”

Your actions this week have started a ripple effect that will continue to have results over time. I know you all have been helping friends all along, and let’s continue to do this. Friends are the best way to get a job.

The whole KIT List is just one example how one simple action can take on a life of its own through friends. It began as my simple “keep in touch” email list to my friends at Silicon Graphics. And by just sending job leads to SGI friends who were getting laid off, and others sharing job leads, this list grew to over 64,000 great people. I had no idea what I was getting into (and would likely have run the other way!), and was often overwhelmed by the workload since I have my “real job” as a marketing consultant and do the KIT List at night. But then others pitched in to help with the moderator load: Amy Sloniker Plunkett, my friend from SGI; Val Cienega who was a member of the KIT List; and my sister Kelly Connelly. They all have their own jobs during the day, too.

You may never know about it, but just one of your actions this week may be the deciding factor in getting someone a job. One action can change another’s destiny in a positive way.

Please feel free to share any results that unfold from this push in the comments section of this blog or share it on Twitter (#PIFjobs) so others will be encouraged, too.

The responses to this Pay It Forward effort reinforce my conviction that people are amazingly selfless, creative and good. The web allows us all to amplify the power of friends to help each other, to stay connected, to tap into excellent resources, and to reach so many.

Thank you for proving yet again the power of the human spirit and our tremendous force for good to overcome the tough stuff, whether it’s the economy or disasters like Haiti’s earthquake.






2 responses

3 06 2010
Johnny Nosocks

Gave up then? 🙂


25 01 2010
Susan Monroe

I’m sure that others have experienced a lovely unfolding of the spirit during “Pay It Forward,” and I bet many of us will keep up the effort. It’s so easy during tough times to think first of ourselves and, as a result, experience an emotional and spiritual implosion, a shrinking-back of the willingness to help. (I haven’t been immune.)

I can also say that I had one of the best days I’ve had in quite awhile when I was able to give just a little help when it was needed.

Kudos to you and everyone at KIT List, Sue.


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