Day 3 of 5: Creating a huge “Pay It Forward” wave of friends helping friends land jobs

13 01 2010

 Hello Everyone,

We’re halfway through this push to focus our efforts for five days to do just one thing each day to help friends get back to work.

It’s been amazing to see the response, and many thanks to everyone who has jumped on board this Pay It Forward wave. So many of you do this already on a regular basis, but the idea is that we concentrate the efforts of thousands to make a huge impact.

The power of friends helping friends is the best way to beat this economy!

Become a “Job Buddy”

  • Commit to meet with a job-seeking friend on a regular basis to set goals and provide gentle accountability and encouragement (if you are both looking for jobs, there’s a double benefit).
  • The job search process can be an isolating and disheartening experience, so meeting someone in person who can be a coach or advocate can make all the difference. You can also do it by phone or email, but face-to-face is the best.
  • You can brainstorm on companies to target, review your friend’s resume, discuss job search strategies, and role play for interviews.
  • Most importantly, set goals and actions to be done before the next meeting. It provides an incentive to helps keep things on track when the temptation to procrastinate hits (I’m a champion procrastinator for my own stuff, so making a commitment to others helps me get things done…otherwise, I tend to keep moving out my own deadlines!)

Here are more ideas, plus you can see what others have done by reading the comments section on my earlier blog posts.

Share your own ideas on this blog on ways to help a friend!

More Ideas for Things to Do:

  • Write a LinkedIn recommendation
  • Invite a friend to connect to you on LinkedIn with the purpose of giving them access to your network so he/she can see if you have contacts in companies on their wish list
  • Make some calls on a friend’s behalf
  • Review a friend’s resume and give objective feedback
  • Set a time to meet for coffee or a drink (heck, we all need one these days!). In-person meetings are important, it bouys spirits and sparks ideas and energy – plus it’s fun!
  • Make an introduction to a friend in a company he/she is interested in
  • Pass on a link to a good job site or a great article on job search
  • Reach out to a colleague who has been laid off from your company to see how he/she is doing and offer to make connections for him/her
  • Forward a job lead
  • Offer to do some role playing for a job interview
  • Tell (and write down!) four strengths/qualities you see in your friend
  • Review or help write a strong cover letter
  • Help with career ideas, brainstorm on other ways to use their skills, suggest good companies to target, or how to transition into a new industry

With everyone making this push together, this positive wave of action will really move the needle in this economy!

Thank you,


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2 responses

13 01 2010
Candyce Mackbee

Excellent suggestions. I would like to invite all on your list to an upcoming event this Saturday:

Courageous Women Association presents…
FREE Interview Skills and Resume Critique Workshop

Industry Professionals will address:
Overall job market
Effective communication skills
Your Professional Image
7 Secrets to Getting a Job Using Social Media

Break Out sessions will give you an opportunity to:
Learn and practice interview skills
Get your resume critiqued or show you how to create a resume, and more!
Learn to how to use Social Media to get your next job

1000 Broadway, Suite 109
Oakland, CA 94607
* * Raffle Drawings* * * Refreshments *
Please fill out a registration form prior to the event and bring a
copy of your current resume. For more information or to RSVP Contact: 510.273.2412 or email


13 01 2010
Deb McClanahan

I rewrote a cover letter for someone who should know how to write one :^)


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