Day 2 of 5 of the “Pay It Forward Wave” to help friends find jobs

12 01 2010

Hello Everyone,

The amazing responses are proof of how generous people are in pitching in to help each other. Many thanks to those who’ve spread the word about this push to use the power of friends helping friends to get great people back to work.

We all know that the best and most effective way to get a job is through a friend.

Below are a few more ideas. For the longer list of ideas I sent out yesterday, you can find them on the blog at: Share your ideas in the comments section, too!

Also, we can use Twitter to post ideas and report on results, and to continue to spread the word. Just include #PIFjobs (Pay It Forward).

Help someone who is a recent graduate or early in their career.
Remember who helped you when you were getting started? It’s a daunting economy for young people who have worked hard in school and now need to find a job in a deep recession.

Help a friend who may be facing age discrimination.
It’s an unfair reality, but it doesn’t mean the end of a career for so many talented and experienced people. Companies need their expertise now more than ever, so a personal recommendation can help to get them into the consideration cycle. Or brainstorm with your friend on ideas to start a new career or his/her own business!

Let’s keep this great momentum going and create a huge wave of positive action that is focused for this week to get friends connected to great jobs.

Thanks, everyone, and let’s make this a nationwide effort! Friendship trumps the economy!


Twitter: sueconnelly
Pay It Forward tag: #PIFjobs



3 responses

12 01 2010
Joy Montgomery

I couldn’t figure out where to put a comment, so I’ll put it in this reply. If you know an unemployed or underemployed Veteran in the area served by the Livermore VA, we have a face to face meeting for Veterans helping Veterans Wednesday nights at the Livermore Veterans Hall from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. If you’re recently back, this could be your 1st Civilian Division. Check out http://www.ReBootCamp.US to find out more about us.


9 02 2019
Joy Montgomery

Oh, darn – The Pleasanton VFW invited me to move the program there and, then, a new Post Commander cancelled it. I’m still available at http://www.ReBootCamp.US.


12 01 2010
anish mehta

here is a condensed message that fits in fb status update!

Get back to work week! Paste this in your status and do at least one of the things below!
* Forward a job lead or introduce a friend to an insider in a company they are interested in!
* Reach out to a colleague who has been laid off from your company to see how they are doing and offer to make connections especially over coffee/drink 🙂
* Review a friend’s resume and give objective feedback (courtesy


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