Day 1: It starts today! The five-day “Pay It Forward Wave” to help friends find work

11 01 2010

Hello Everyone,

Today is the first of five days to create a powerful wave of action across the country in a tremendous force for good. If you didn’t see my earlier post about this idea, please read it for the full story.

Please do something right now. Just take a moment to do something simple and easy.

Reach out. Make a call. Ask a friend what one or two things you can do to help with his/her job search.

We’ll use this blog as real-time way to find out what’s happening. Please use the comments section to suggest ideas or share what you did today for a friend.

Pass the word so we can get thousands across the nations mobilized to help get friends back to work! Please help by sharing this on your email lists, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Ideas for Things to Do:

  • Forward a job lead
  • Write a LinkedIn recommendation
  • Review a friend’s resume and give objective feedback
  • Set a time to meet for coffee or a drink (heck, we all need one these days!). In-person meetings are important, it bouys spirits and sparks ideas and energy – plus it’s fun!
  • Make some calls on a friend’s behalf
  • Pass on a link to a good job site or a great article on job search
  • Make an introduction to a friend in a company he/she is interested in
  • Reach out to a colleague who has been laid off from your company to see how he/she is doing and offer to make connections for him/her
  • Become a “Job Buddy” – commit to meet on a regular basis to set goals and provide gentle accountability (if you are both looking for jobs, there’s a double benefit)
  • Offer to do some role playing for a job interview
  • Tell (and write down!) four strengths/qualities you see in your friend
  • Review or help write a strong cover letter
  • Invite a friend to connect to you on LinkedIn with the purpose of giving them access to your network so he/she can see if you have contacts in companies on their wish list
  • Help with career ideas, brainstorm on other ways to use their skills, suggest good companies to target, how to transition into a new industry

Let’s make this big push building a huge Pay It Forward Power Wave across the country!

Thanks so much,

KIT List Founder



19 responses

30 07 2011
Peggy Ruse

All, the small and active Half Moon Bay Yacht Club on the San Mateo Coast at the Pillar Point Harbor has a part time job opening. Here are the details:

The club is seeking an experienced person who will help implement the Club’s new Online Services System. Required skills include:
Creation of procedures & work flow for online data systems.
Establishment of e-commerce websites.
Coordination of bank merchant accounts & card reader hardware.
This is a part-time paid staff position.
Please contact:


29 07 2011
kim wilson

I also have a need for a Social Media Person for a fullime position in our company to write content for Blogs, Twitter, Website, Facebook to keep us current with all these mediums. We are located in SJ offer excellent benefits and great work enviroment working with the latest Mobile technology. If you would like additional information please contact Kim Wilson at MSA Systems, Inc our website and call 408-252-9000 and email


29 07 2011
kim wilson

I have a Sales Job opening for any WLAN Cisco Sales people with Cisco infrasructure selling experience within my company in San Jose. Please contact me


5 02 2010
Peggy Ruse

All – here is the “drum beat” I’ve been sending out via email (and word of mouth) to my extensive community. I sent it with a lovely photo. I’ve received supportive comments and a few ideas.

I want to take a moment to wish you all a healthy, fun, and prosperous new year/decade! I also want to start things off positively about the unemployment situation in our country by asking for a “little help from my friends”. Everybody on this list is a friend and/or colleague and everybody on this list is bright, creative, skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and some of the folks on this list, including me, are unemployed. Some of the people on this list are underemployed. The job market is very tough (in a number of ways) and has been for some time. Everybody on this list and anybody you know (please forward this on) please do 1 or 2 things soon to help get us back to work. A referral and/or recommendation on LinkedIn (; an idea; a suggestion; a phone call; offer a job (without 15 time-consuming interviews); an informational interview etc. All of you who are hiring managers and decision makers please consider getting us back to work and “doing the right thing” even if we may not fit the “perfect” job description or requirements. Many of us have incredible backgrounds and experience in both paid and volunteer work. Tap into both of those areas! We’ll give back value in threefold and more!


15 01 2010
Andrea Thomas

Hi Virginia,

My name is Andrea Thomas and I am looking for a job as a heathcare coordinator as well. Please direct this young woman to Roche USA in San Francisco, and Health and Social Services Research Firm in Burlingame. Also have her look at Johnson and Johnson, Abbott Lab and the biotech companies in the area.

I hope this helps. Good luck


12 01 2010
Daniel Curry

I’ve reviewed three friend’s resumes and directed several others to join this list.

I find myself in need of some marketing/advertising help for my company. When I could not find a job, I decided to make one. So far, it is slow, but it is going. Now I just need to help this little seed grow.


11 01 2010
Pay It Forward Wave – Let’s Get Our Friends Back to Work!

[…] – a concentrated effort to be proactive about getting our friends back to work. Here are some suggestions she has for simple ways to […]


11 01 2010
Karen Sharkey

You always have the best ideas! Thank you for sharing.
I offered to be a reference for a friend who is being considered for a long-term contract position as a recruiter in the technical arena.


11 01 2010

Just sent a note to a friend asking for an informational interview on behalf of a fellow job seeker.


11 01 2010

(Dear Vigil, can you post my message to everybody ? thank you)
Dear Sue and everybody,

I am “Eiffel Tower” based which means Paris in France. However, I have already helped American friends to find a job in USA from… Paris !
So, I would like to let you know about as that is a very good website for people located in the Bay area for finding jobs in start-ups through their VCs.
On my side, if someone knows a company who is looking for a VP/MD EMEA with a significant and successful experience, I am ready ! Since the beginning of my career, I work for American companies like IBM, HP, and Allied Telesyn, Internet Security Systems, Symantec, IP Dynamics, Applied Identity.
Thank you in advance and all my best wishes for you (Sue) and the “KitList” community.
Philippe de Moras
+33 680 141 654
Skype (pdemoras)


11 01 2010
jennifer bourgoyne

ok, just posted to my f.b. & twitter!


11 01 2010
Gerry Corbett


Great stuff here! Kudos to you. I have been beating the drum as well. Here is a post I wrote in November.

Best regards,

Gerry Corbett
The PRJobCoach


11 01 2010

Great Campaign Sue!

To follow-up on Abigail’s comment – it doesn’t look like you have a twitter account as yet so that might help in getting the word out particularly in the Bay Area? Like the hashtag suggestion too, you can then follow the stream easier …


13 01 2010
Sue Connelly

Thanks for the idea, I should have thought of that! I have a personal twitter account where I’ve now posted the Pay It Forward note (sueconnelly), and I’ll use the hashtag of #PIFjobs.

Your suggestion is much appreciated!



11 01 2010
Peggy Ruse

What synchronicity! I had a similar idea last month! I’m composing an email to a list of friends and colleagues with a title something along the lines of “a little help from your friends”. I’m unemployed and looking for work and know how important it is to get back to work along with millions of other Americans. I particularly want to encourage hiring managers and decision makers I know to reach out, loose the recruiters, loose the “perfect” job description, and do the right thing. Thanks for this and I’ll do my part.


11 01 2010
Deb McClanahan

This is such a great idea.

I’d ask everyone on the KITList to go to the Dept of Labor’s
Challenge site and VOTE for the KITList as the number one
niche job posting site.

Deb McC


11 01 2010
Donna Fedor

Hi Sue,

Great idea. I am posting this on my Ignite Your Job Search blog so my readers can participate int the Pay it Forward Wave.

Pay if Forward is at the foundation of every class that I teach and every program that I create. As with so many other things Sue, we are on the same track!


11 01 2010
Abigail Fisher

hi Sue! to spread the word on Twitter you should use a #hashtag to follow how the message is being tweeted. I used #payitfwdwave. I hope this helps Kit List have a successful campaign.


11 01 2010
Virginia Reuter

Thanks for starting this, Sue! I’ve got a young woman who worked for my non-profit in Africa as a healthcare coordinator and was AMAZING. It was a new position, and she really blew our socks off. She’s looking for a job in research about the intersection between people, the environment/animals, and infectious disease (she implemented a malaria abatement program for us). And she’d love for it to be the bay area… I just don’t know anyone in that industry. Can you or your readers give me a hint on how I could help her? Thanks!


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